What is Software Engineering and why choose EMSE

Software Engineering (SE) is a discipline that studies the development and maintenance of high quality software in a systematic, controlled and efficient manner. Specifically, SE aims at establishing and using sound engineering principles and methods in order to obtain economically viable software that is reliable and works on real machines1). As such, SE is an engineering discipline that applies the principles of computer science and mathematics to achieving cost-effective solutions to software problems in the development, operation, and maintenance of software 2). Software and software needs have evolved over time.

Today, software engineers face new challenges as today software permeates any aspect of our life reaching the mass with sophisticated systems like Global Positioning System (GPS), life-critical like Nuclear Reactor Control systems (NRC), or business-essential like Enterprise Resource systems (ERP). For this reason, today the quality of software and software services, in terms of reliability, safety, and security is of paramount importance.

The objective of European Masters Course in Software Engineering (EMSE) is to promote the growth of software engineers who meet the requirements of international software practice today, offering them an inter-European study programme based on the coordination of the strengths of each of the partner institutions, which, also, have a sound reputation in the field.

Unique strengths of the programme:

  • You study at two different universities in Europe (with a chance to receive a scholarship).
  • You meet students from all over the world and know others cultures.
  • You study at some of the best universities in the world in the field of study software engineering, with close ties to industry.
  • A double diploma in software engineering opens the doors to a job in the European software industry.
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