With EMSE You will stay at two of the four different universities. You will spend one year in one University (the “first University”), and one year in the other University (the “second university”). Project and thesis work will be carried out at the second university and will be jointly supervised and evaluated by two professors, one from each University. Being part of an international community of students will be an enriching experience.

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Do you want to know what you will be studying in each university?

Current curriculum organization

The EMSE course makes up a jointly developed curriculum fully recognized by the consortium members. At each partners, subjects are organized into courses distributed across three semesters with total of 90 ECTS. 30 ECTS credit points are assigned to the thesis in the fourth semester. This results in a two-year programme of 120 ECTS (60 ECTS per year).

Specificities, internship, project, and thesis are the major factors of specialization differentiating the partners’ offers, but students can also benefit of specific localizations of common core areas.

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