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 {{ :​wiki:​emse_logo7.png?​100|}} {{ :​wiki:​emse_logo7.png?​100|}}
 <​html>​ <​html>​
-<br /> +<h1>Rules & Regulations </h1>
-<span style="​color:​gray;​font-size:​140%;"><​b> Rules & Regulations</​b></​span>​ +
-<br /><br />+
-<​html><​span style="​color:#​FE642E ;​font-size:​110%;"><​b>​SOON TO BE PUBLISHED</​b></​html>​+<​html><​span style="​color:#​FE642E ;​font-size:​110%;"><​b>​From the 2012-2014 EMSE Edition on </​span>​</​b></​html>​
 +  *  **To move to the Second University**,​ students must complete 52/60 credits by the end of the second exam session of the second semester of the first year (September/​October). The student is excluded from the program when s/he fails to satisfy this requirement.
 +  * Students are requested to accomplish at least one **local-language course** (free of charge) in each university visited.
   ​   ​
 +<​html><​span style="​color:#​FE642E ;​font-size:​110%;"><​b>​Conversions of Grading</​span></​b><​br>​
 +Exams passed at one consortium institution are fully and automatically recognized by the other institutions in the consortium. <br>
 +The conversion table below has been defined and maintained with the three years statistics mechanism. </​html>​
 +{{ :​wiki:​conversiontable.jpg?​600 ​ |}}
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