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-=====Programme Objectives===== 
-EMSE will prepare You to cope with professional practice that will encompass a wide range of activities, including technical, problem solving, management, ethical and legal issues, written and oral communication abilities and, very importantly,​ the ability to keep up in a rapidly changing discipline. ​ \\  
- ​\\ ​ 
-<span style=color:#​FE642E;​font-size:​100%;"><​b>​ As successful EMSE student You will be also able to:</​b>​ </​span>​ </​html>​ 
-  * Have solid knowledge on foundations,​ methods, and techniques of requirements analysis and design, software process development,​ software design, and verification and validation 
-  * Employ the scientific methods of investigation in SE; in particular understanding and using mathematical instruments that support SE and its practice 
-  * Understand and apply principles, structures, and use of SE 
-  * Have basic knowledge of public, corporate and professional cultures and societies in Europe 
-  * Have practice in various software applicative sectors in the socio-economic context including the non-IT specific like health, automotive, energy 
-  * Be able to work in large autonomy also managing projects and infrastructures over different platforms, like cloud, distributed,​ or mobile systems 
-  * Have a command of the SE technical knowledge and skills necessary to practise as software developer 
-  * Have a command of the SE management skills needed to organize and control software project team work 
-  * Be able to reconcile conflicting project objectives providing reasonable cost and time information 
-  * Overcome the challenges of global software development and internationalization 
-<font color=#​FE642E><​b>​In sum, with EMSE You will gain a solid knowledge to be applied as managers in software companies or IT specialist or researchers in academia. The course prepares You for follow-up PhD studies in SE (e.g. International Doctorate in Software Engineering (IDSE).</​font></​b></​html>​ 
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