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-=====Internship===== +<​html>​ <h1>Internship Program</​h1></​html>​
-To improve trading-off theory and practice, to enforce a seamless synergy between the industrial and academic stakeholder and to help students’ employability the new EMSE curriculum includes a compulsory ​Internship Program. \\  +
-Every academic (full and associate) partner offers an internship (4 ECTS = 200 hrs) in an external organization (e.g. associate non-academic partners) after the second semester of any learning path.\\  +
-In addition, the Task Force commits is working to recruit new organizations willing to hosts students’ internships or theses.\\ ​  +
-Actually, non-academic associate partners can host students for any elective activity and USP has expressed the intention to host 12 students per year for an Internship with its companies.+
-The Internschip Program provides a direct channel for feedback ​and evaluation of EMSE program in terms of its practical application ​to real world. Feedback from companies ​and research centres as well as from students ​will be collected at the internship completion by the advisory office ​of the Second University.  +To improve trading-off theory ​and practice, ​to enforce a seamless synergy between the industrial ​and academic stakeholder and to help students’ employability, ​the EMSE curriculum includes a compulsory Internship Program. ​  
-to reasume the Companies ​and istituition already adhering to the Internschip Program are:+ 
 +After the second semester non-academic ​ partners host students for internships 
 +You can visti the page of the [[emse:​industrial|Industrial Partners]] and the [[emse:​researchcenters|Research Centers]] to find the organizations that can host students for their internships
 +If you are interested  ​to become an Associate Partner ​and host internships visit the page: 
 +   ​*[[emse:​BecomePartner|Become a Partner!]]
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