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Industrial Associated Partner

Each company associated partner has expressed the intention to support the EMSE program hosting Internship students or supervising students’ thesis or projects. Associate non-academic partners take part to the development of the curriculum of EMSE, too. They are periodically invited to participate to EMSE lectures or summers schools. Overall, these partners act as incubators for joint ventures EMSE-companies. Associate partners are also involved in evaluating the EMSE curriculum and its learning outcome. Actually the industrial Associated Partners are: ====Ericsson AB, Kista, Sweden====

Ericsson AB, Kista, Sweden is a world-leading provider of telecommunications equipment and services to mobile and fixed network operators. The company develops a wide range of products and solutions, including generic software products offered to an open market and complex compound software-intensive systems. Software is in the center and the source of competitive advantage in Ericsson. Today over 80 percent of Ericsson’s investments in research and development are directly related to software, which accounts for almost 2.8 billion USD a year. Thus, education in software engineering is crucial for the success of Ericsson and other software-dependent European companies. Ericsson is actively supporting professional education and participates in several national initiatives. Ericsson is an initiative to strengthen Swedish competitiveness with regards to research and development of software intensive systems, services, and products. Ericsson intends to contribute through advise on the relevance and usefulness of the programme’s curriculum, as well as support for conducting selected student projects (internships) and master theses on topics related to software engineering and of interest to Ericsson.

Würth Phoenix (WP) is an international software company with more than 100 employees distributed in the three different countries: Italy, Germany and Hungary. As software and consulting company of the Würth Group offers international fitting ERP and CRM solutions based on Microsoft Dynamics. Würth Phoenix refer to global experiences in implementing business software and many years of expertise in wholesale distribution, inventory management and logistics. With the Microsoft Dinamics AX and CRM based industry solutions, WP provide the foundation for optimized business processes in wholesale trade, logistics and inventory management. In IT System Management WP rely on technically mature monitoring solutions based on Nagios, which are seamlessly integrable into existing IT infrastructure. Würth Phoenix NetEye is a complete package based on common ITL standards that approaches IT al corporate productivity factor. Würth Phoenix will be available to host EMSE students for their internship.

EDP Progetti S.r.l. is leader in the design and implementation of software solutions for small and medium enterprises as well as in the development of major projects for public administration in South Tyrol. The 40 employees are primarily analysts and programmers. The proposed SW solutions differ from others in their completeness, professionalism and particular attention paid to customer’s problem solving. The experience and expertise gained over the past 30 years in this field of Information Technology, have allowed EDP Progetti to create a framework for analysis and programming that is able to approach IT projects of any complexity. With its own solutions and services, EDP Progetti contributes every day to the success of its customers, that can be, either private enterprises, institutions or public administrations, providing them with organizational, computer and data transmission tools, that are crucial for the improvement of their management. EDP Progetti S.r.l., will be available to host EMSE students for their internship.

Opera21 Nordest Srl, part of the Opera21 Group one of the leading Italian ICT companies, is born in 2004 on the initiative of a group of private entrepreneurs, with the goal to develop an industrial project featured by a quick internal growth and significant presence on the Italian and European markets. The main skills of the group efficiently answer to the companies’ computer needs as Business Integration, Enterprise Solution, Application, process and infrastructure Managed Services. In its two laboratories of innovation and research (Rovereto and Naples) are employed about 30 researchers, who share methods, techniques and objectives, on the innovative technological themes of Web Services, Web 2.0, Semantic Web and Intelligent Agents. The Group has developed through the attainment of steady computer realities with strong technical skills and vertical application solutions; the turnover for the 2010 fiscal year was about 65 million Euros with 700 people employed. Opera21 Nordest will be available to host EMSE students for their internship.

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