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-{{  :​wiki:​banner_EMSE.png?​900 ​ }}+\\
 +{{ :​wiki:​emse_logo7.png?​direct&​200 |}}
 <​html>​ <​html>​
-<div align="​center"><​font face="​georgia"><​span style="​color:​gray;​font-size:​150%;​"><​i>​Welcome to the European Masters in Software Engineering - EMSE</​i></​span></​font>​+ 
 +<div align="​center"><​i>​Welcome to the European Masters ​Programme ​in Software Engineering - EMSE</​i></​span></​font>​ 
 <br /> <br />
-<​p><​div><​div align="​center"><​font face="​georgia"><​font size="​4">​ +</​html> ​
-a 2-year international master program, completely taught in English, in cooperation with the +
-departments of computer science of three European Universities with a sound reputation in the field. +
 <​html>​ <​html>​
-The result of the second application session 2014-2016 has been announced ​ </b> 
-<​p><​div><​div align="​center"><​font face="​georgia"><​font size="​4">​ +<​p><​div><​div align="​center"><​font face="​georgia"><​font size="​4">​Application session for edition 2017-2019 is open from November 1st, 2016 on EMSE's <style="​color:#​336699"​ href="​http://​em-se.eu/"><​b><​u>​new website</b></u></​a><​font\
-EMSE aims at being the most knowledgeable 2-year 120 ECTS MSc program in Europe that awards ​degree in Software Engineering that prepares world-class students for both research and professional careers</span></​font>​+
 +<br />
-<div align="​center"><​font face="​georgia"><​span style="​color:​gray;font-size:150%;"><​i>​ Choose EMSE</​span></​div>​+<​html>​ 
 +<br /> 
 +<div align="​center"><​font face="​georgia"><​span style="​color:​#FE642E;font-size:120%;"><​i>​ Choose EMSE</​span></​div>​
-<div align="​center"><​span style="​color:#​FE642E;​font-size:​150%;">​ Choose the profession of your future</​i>​ </​span></​div></​font>​+<div align="​center"><​span style="​color:#​FE642E;​font-size:​120%;">​ Choose the profession of your future</​i>​ </​span></​div></​font>​
 </​html> ​ </​html> ​
 \\  \\ 
-[[emse:​contact|{{ :emse:3unis1.jpg?300 |}}]]+[[emse:​contact|{{ :emse:consortium.png?nolink&​600 ​|}}]]
 \\ \\
- +[[https://​www.facebook.com/​emse.eu|{{emse:​facebook-logo.jpg?​60}}]]
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