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Welcome to the European Masters in Software Engineering - EMSE

a 2-year international master program, completely taught in English, in cooperation with the departments of computer science of three European Universities with a sound reputation in the field.

EMSE is an Erasmus Mundus Programme

The 2014-2016 is the ninth edition

<p><div><div align=“center”><font face=“georgia”><font size=“4”> EMSE aims at being the most knowledgeable 2-year 120 ECTS MSc program in Europe that awards a degree in Software Engineering that prepares world-class students for both research and professional careers</span></font>

<div align=“center”><font face=“georgia”><span style=“color:gray;font-size:150%;”><i> Choose EMSE</span></div>

<div align=“center”><span style=“color:#FE642E;font-size:150%;”> Choose the profession of your future</i> </span></div></font>


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