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Admission Criteria

Students are accepted in the program regardless of sex, age, or nationality.
However, there are differences between European (EU) and Non-European (NON-EU) candidates for the application process:

  • EU: are applicants who areresidents of countries within the European Union and the European Economic Area / European Free TradeAssociation (Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway)
  • NON-EU: are all the applicants not in EU category.

To be eligible to apply for EMSE students must satisfy both the following conditions:

  • Have been awarded a Bachelor degree (a minimum of three years' study at a university and corresponding to the equivalent of 180 ECTS) in Software Engineering, Computer Science or Computer engineering.
  • Provide proof of proficiency in English language proved by TOEFL with at least 550 (paper based), 213(computer based), 81 (internet-based), IELTS at grade minimum 6.0 or equivalent certificate.An English proficiency certificate is not required in case of native speakers who come from countries where English is an official language.

Students will be selected according to the following criteria:

  • Language skills
  • Type of entrance qualification
  • Academic records
  • Work experience and professional qualifications
  • Motivation and willingness
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