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-=====Admission Criteria===== 
-<​p><​div><​span style="​color:#​FE642E;​font-size:​100%;"><​b>​Students are accepted in the program regardless of sex, age, or nationality.</​b></​span></​div> ​   
-However, there are differences between European (EU) and Non-European (NON-EU) candidates for the application process:</​p></​html>​ 
-  * EU: are applicants who are residents of countries within the <​html><​a href="​http://​europa.eu/​about-eu/​countries/​index_en.htm"><​b>​European Union (EU)</​b></​a></​html>​ and the European Economic Area / European Free TradeAssociation (Iceland, Liechtenstein,​ Norway) 
-  * NON-EU: are all the applicants not in EU category. 
-<span style="​color:#​FE642E;​font-size:​100%;"><​b>​To be eligible to apply for EMSE students must satisfy both the following conditions:</​b>​ </​span>​ </​html>​ 
-  * Respect the application deadline 
-  * Provide proof of proficiency in English language. TOEFL (>=550 (paper based), >=213 (computer-based),​ or >=78 (internet-based)),​ IELTS (>=6.0) or equivalent certificates. ​ 
-         *For more information regarding “Equivalent certificates”,​ applicants may refer the {{:​emse:​english_certificate_conversion.pdf|following conversion table}} 
-  * Applicants from a country that belongs to the Commonwealth of Nations or where English has the recognized status of “Official language” are not required to submit English language certificate. 
-         ​*However,​ the consortium can request a further personal interview to assess the student'​s English level. 
-  * Have been awarded a BSc in Software Engineering,​ Computer Science or Computer Engineering or degrees with equivalent skills in the three areas (Software Engineering,​ Computer Science or Computer Engineering) 
-  * Provide a certificate of the subjects taken during their degrees, along with the marks obtained and the number of hours/​credits devoted to each subject (Transcript of records). 
-  \\  
-<span style="​color:#​FE642E;​font-size:​100%;"><​b>​Students will be selected according to the following criteria:</​b>​ </​span>​ </​html>​ 
-  * Language skills 
-  * Type of entrance qualification 
-  * Academic records 
-  * Work experience and professional qualifications 
-  * Motivation and willingness 
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