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-<​html>​Women in SE: ACM-W supports your trip to major conferences in Software Engineering! Visit the web site: +
-<a href="​http://​women.acm.org/">​ ACM-W</​a>​ and read about Artiona'​s experience:​ +
-<p> +
-2013: Artiona Bogo is recipient of the ACM-W award  <a href="​http://​womendev.acm.org/​participate/​scholarship/​testimonial/​artiona_bogo.cfm">​ Artiona'​s experience</​a>​ and +
- <a href="​https://​www.facebook.com/​inf.unibz.it/​posts/​384881518276408?​stream_ref=5">​ Artiona'​s award</​a>​  +
- </​html>​+
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