Oulun Yliopisto - University of Oulu

Students of the University of Oulu have active lives, both on the campus and off-campus. Students have possibilities for inexpensive clubs and organisations, and many different type of leisure time activities. Accomodation can be easily arranged with the student housing foundation PSOAS and several housing options around the Oulu area offer comfortable living near campus.

All students are encouraged to take part in developing their lives. The student union is just part of how students can be active members of the University of Oulu.

Student ID-card entitles you to inexpensive meals at the student cafeterias. The cost is around EUR 2.60 (for vegetarian meals, it is slightly less). If you have not yet received your student ID-card, you can get the discount by presenting a note issued by the Student Union office, once you have paid the membership fee. N.B. The student discount only applies to full meals.

Life at OY