Libera Università di Bolzano-Freie Universitat Bozen


Accommodation in Student Houses is available on a fi rstcome, first-served basis. The monthly rent for a single room is € 290, while a bed in a double room costs € 220 a month - meals are excluded from this price (prices valid from 01 September 2014).

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All students can eat in the university canteens. The canteen (signposted “mensa”) in Bozen/Bolzano is located in Piazza Università 1, on the ground floor next to the main entrance and the Unibar.

Opening hours in Bozen/Bolzano:

  • Monday - Saturday: 11:45 - 14:00
  • Monday - Friday: 18:30 - 20:30 (closed during the summer)
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    Library and Computer Labs

    Library and computer laboratories are available for all the students and all the university buildings are equipped with WLAN.

    Special Needs

    The Advisory Service supports students with di ffeerent abilities. They provide information about the opportunities that exist and how to access these and other bene fits, such as various degrees of assistance that the university provides. The FUB has no architectural barriers in any of its buildings (Bozen / Bolzano, Brixen / Bressanone, Bruneck / Brunico). Disabled access is also guaranteed for most of the student residences and canteens. If students have a disability of more than 66%, they are eligible for complete exemption from university fees (except for the provincial study tax): the disability certi cate, issued by the health authorities, should be presented at the beginning of the academic year.

    Further, in addition to the normal assistance (grants, etc), the University and School Office of the Autonomous Province of South Tyrol has other special assistance available. According to the type of disability, this assistance could consist of nancial aid for a home help, travel expenses or other help with transport.

    According to your income, there is also financial help available for expenses incurred. Income assessment is based on criteria that are xed every year by the provincial government.

    Equal Opportunities

    FUB has an Equal Opportunities Committee which is a consultative committee of the University and aims to promote and monitor eff ective equality for all members of the University community, irrespective of their sex, ethnicity, religion, nationality or any other condition that could give rise to discrimination against them. The responsibilities of the Equal Opportunities Committee are:  to formulate plans of positive actions in order to allow real equality for all members of the University community,  detect all forms of discrimination, whether direct or indirect, that impede the full realization of equality or equal opportunities for all members of the University community,  to make sure that situations possibly leading to discrimination will not arise.


    Currently, the Equal Opportunities Committee is promoting the Family friendly university initiative directed to enhance the quality of life of students and sta with families. Practically, some common spaces in the University have been organized in a children friendly way and the organization of a kindergarten is under way. Students giving birth can suspend their studies without paying the full taxes and there are additional grants from the Province of Bolzano-Bozen for special cases evaluated on individual basis.

    Language Learning

    The Language Centre of the FUB is part of the most important service sector of the university. Its aim is to co-ordinate the learning of all the various languages used in the university. This means, for instance, creating the best conditions for language learning. The Language Centre courses are available for all students enrolled at the university, for those taking part in international exchange programmes, as well as for those working for the university and for guests. One of the services provided by the Language Centre is an advisory service for all students to help them in the various aspects of language learning. The language centre also tests language levels before students begin their university career and during their studies as well. The Language Centre is particularly important for those studying in their second and third languages. A thorough knowledge of the three ocial teaching languages in the university: Italian, German and English is absolutely essential for those who wish to participate completely and succsessfully in the activities o ered by the university (lectures, seminars etc.) as well as conferences or other academic events. The language centre also o ers optional language courses and self access materials for English, German, and Italian, as well as for a whole range of other languages, such as French, Spanish, Russian, Ladin, Chinese, Arabic.

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  • Student Associations

    There are five student associations at the FUB that act as opportunities for students to get together outside the university premises. Kikero, SCUB, AlumniClub, AIESEC and PRO- Students for Business are keen to receive requests and suggestions from students and of course would be delighted to welcome you as a member of their club to make the University a stronger place culturally… and sportingly!

    The University organises a Student Advisors service by coordinating a group of FUB students who provide information and advice about the University. There are student representatives in all the main governing bodies of the University who can answer questions and give advice and are open to proposals and ideas for contributing to the improvement of educational and other university services.

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    More information and contact details are available at:

    Student Life