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-{{  :​wiki:​banner_EMSE.png?​900 ​ }} 
-[[emse:​contact|{{ :​wiki:​logo_3UNI.png?​650 ​ |}}]] 
-<div align="​center"><​font face="​cooper black"><​span style="​color:​gray;​font-size:​170%;"><​i>​Welcome to the European Masters in Software Engineering - EMSE</​i></​span></​font>​ 
-<br /><br /> 
-<​p><​div><​div align="​center"><​font face="​georgia"><​font size="​4"></​html> ​ 
-an 2-year international master program, completly taught in English, in cooperation with the\\ 
-departments of computer science of three European Universities with a sound reputation in the field.\\ 
-The edition 2012-2014 is now the seventh edition. Since 2006  EMSE has been funded by the Erasmus Mundus Programme. However, as a result of the highly competitive nature of the selection and the limited budget available, the course was not re-selected for funding, ​ {{ :​wiki:​eu_flag_erasmusmu.png?​175|}}but has demonstrated high quality throughout, and has therefore been awarded by the European Commission/​EACEA with the Erasmus Mundus Brand Name (EMBN) by which it commits itself to maintain the requirements and level of excellence expected from an Erasmus Mundus Masters Course. 
-<​html><​br /><br /> 
-EMSE aims at being the most knowledgeable 2-year 120 ECTS MSc program in Europe 
-<div> that awards a degree in Software Engineering and preparing ​ 
-<​br>​world-class students for both a research and a professional career in SE.</​span></​font>​ 
-<br /><br /> 
-<div align="​center"><​font face="​cooper black"><​span style="​color:​gray;​font-size:​250%;"><​i>​ Choose EMSE</​span></​div>​ 
-<div align="​center"><​span style="​color:#​FE642E;​font-size:​250%;">​ Choose the profession of your future</​i>​ </​span></​div></​font>​ 
-</​html> ​ 
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