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-<IMG SRC="​\\Ubz02bdc\Home\User\MPasserini\My Documents\EMSE\Pictures to use\Unilogo.png"​ 
-width="​800"​ height="​130"​ hspace="​40"/>​ 
-<div align="​center"><​font face="​Cooper Black"><​span style="​color:​red;​font-size:​150%;"><​b>​Welcome to EMSE the European Master in Software Engineering.</​b>​ </​span>​ 
-br /><br /> 
-<div align="​center"><​font face="​Cooper"><​span style="​color:​black;​font-size:​110%;">​ an 2-year international master program, completly taught in English, in cooperation with the departments of computer science of three Universities with a sound reputation in the field.</​span>+<html>
-<br /><br /> 
-<div align="​center"><​font face="Cooper"><​span style="​color:​black;font-size:130%;"><​b>EMSE aims at being the most knowledgeable two-year120 ECTS MSc program in Europe that awards a degree ​in SE and  preparing world-class students for both research and a professional career ​in SE+<div align="​center"​><img src="​http://​www.inf.unibz.it/​emse-dokuwiki/​_media/​wiki/​emse_logo7.png"​ style="​width:​300px;​ height:​160px;"/>​ <br><​font face="georgia"><​span style="​color:​gray;font-size:150%;"><​i>Welcome to the European Masters Programme in Software Engineering ​EMSE</​i></​span></​font>​ 
-</b> </span>+<br /> 
 +<​p><​div><​div align="​center"><​font face="​georgia"><​font size="​4">​ 
 +a 2-year international master ​program, completely taught ​in English, ​in cooperation with the 
 +departments of computer science of four European Universities with sound reputation ​in the field
 <​html>​ <​html>​
-<br /><br /> 
-<div align="​center"><​font face="​Cooper Black"><​span style="​color:​red;​font-size:​300%;"><​b>​ Choose E M S E</b> </​span></​font></​div>​ 
 +<​p><​div><​div align="​center"><​font face="​georgia"><​font size="​4">​The second session EMSE 2015-2017 Application session is <a href="​http://​www.inf.unibz.it/​emse-dokuwiki/​emse/​call"><​b><​u>​ NOW CLOSED</​b></​u></​a><​font\> ​
-<div align="​center"​><font face="​Cooper Black"><span style="color:red;font-size:300%;"><​b> ​Choose the profession of your future</b> </span></div>+<br /> 
 +Results of the Second application session is available at <a href="http://​www.inf.unibz.it/​emse-dokuwiki/​emse/​admitted15"><​b>​<u> Admitted 2015-17 ​</​b></​u></​a><​font\> 
 +<​p><​div><​div align="​center"><​font face="​georgia"><​font size="​4">​
 +EMSE aims at being the most knowledgeable 2-year 120 ECTS MSc program in Europe that awards a degree in Software Engineering that prepares world-class students for both research and professional careers</​span></​font>​
-</​html>​+<div align="​center"><​font face="​georgia"><​span style="​color:#​FE642E;​font-size:​120%;"><​i>​ Choose EMSE</​span></​div>​ 
 +<div align="​center"><​span style="​color:#​FE642E;​font-size:​120%;">​ Choose the profession of your future</​i>​ </​span></​div></​font>​ 
 +</​html> ​ 
 +[[emse:​contact|{{ :​emse:​consortium.png?​nolink&​600 |}}]] 
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