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-Need money to pEMSE students are absolutely welcome to apply for Students'​ Jobs +<​html>​ <h1 style="​color:#​336699">​Students'​ Jobs</​h1></​html>​ 
 +Need money to pay for your tuition fee and living cost and to have cultural experience in each country and go travelling? ​Students'​ Jobs in each university are open also to EMSE students (non-granted and granted students). ​
 When you are in Italy: [[http://​www.unibz.it/​en/​students/​internships/​jobs/​studentjobs/​default.html| here]]. When you are in Italy: [[http://​www.unibz.it/​en/​students/​internships/​jobs/​studentjobs/​default.html| here]].
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 +{{ :​emse:​studentjob.jpg?​nolink&​600 |}}
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