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-<​h1>​Scholarship 2013-2015</​h1>​ 
-<font color=#​336699><​b>​ 
-For the course 2013-2015 scholarships and contribution to tuition fees was offered to NON-EU and EU students </​b></​font></​html>​ 
-  *  up to 3  was reserved to NON-EU and EU students ​ that visit FUB and UNIKL 
-  *  up to 4  was reserved to EU students that visit the Blekinge Tekniska Högskola (BTH) in the first year and FUB or UNIKL in the second year 
-  *  up to 1  was reserved to NON-EU and EU students that visit the FUB or UNIKL in the first year and in the BTH in the second year. 
-{{ :​wiki:​emsetable13.png?​600 |}} 
-Grant rates may be taxed depending on each University regulation. ​ 
-In the application,​ students must specify the type of grant (A-E). Students cannot apply to more than one type of grant. Each type of grant will have its own ranking that also includes a reserve list. Students in the reserve list can be offered with another type of grant if available. Students selected for one type of grant cannot change the two universities of destination. 
-You can download the //​{{:​wiki:​callemse2013_15.pdf|Call 2013-15}}// 
-\\  ​ 
-====Local Grant Possibilities==== 
- The participating EMSE universities may offer additional possibilities for grants visit periodically the page  [[emse:​other grant|Other Grants]] ​ 
-====Other grants==== 
-Visit the page [[emse:​other grant|other grant]] ​ for other scholarships 
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