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-=====Frequently Asked Questions===== 
-{{:​wiki:​alert_1.png?​30|}}<​html><​font color=#​FE642E><​b>​We know it is boring but scroll this page till the end: you can find useful info at the bottom</​b></​font></​html> ​ 
-  -**How do I apply for the EMSE?** \\ To apply for this Master Program please, read carefully ​ the **[[emse:​admission_criteria|Admission Criteria section]]**,​ the **[[emse:​call|Call]]** and and then create your application in the  <​html><​a href="​http://​emse.case.unibz.it/​submissions/​index.php"><​b><​font color="#​336699">​on-line Application</​b></​a></​font>​ tool.</​html>​ 
-  -**May I send my application by email/​post?​**\\ No. All applications must be submitted through our <​html><​a href="​http://​emse.case.unibz.it/​submissions/​index.php"><​b><​font color="#​336699">​on-line Application</​b></​a></​font>​ </​html>​ tools. ​ Applications submitted in any other way will not be processed. 
-  -**Can I correct any information after I have entered it? / Can I update my documents after I have uploaded them?**\\ Yes. If you need to add/correct any information or re-upload any documents you may have updated you may freely do so until the last day of the application period. Just log onto our Online Application Tool and make the necessary changes. 
-  -**How much is the tuition fee?**\\ The tuition fee for a full two year programme is 2,720 €/​year ​ (5,440 € for the whole program) if you are a national of any EU member State or EEA-EFTA States (Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway). If you have any other citizenship the applicable fee is 4,270 €/​semester (8,540 € for the whole program). For more information see the section **[[emse:​tuition_fees|tuition fee]]**. 
-  -**Where are Kaiserslautern,​ Karlkrona and Bolzano located?** \\ See the **[[emse:​mobility|map of Europe]]** with the location of the three universities 
-  -**What are the constraints to move to the second university**?​ \\ Students need to have gained at least 52 ECTS in the first year. In particular these credits have to be gained by the beginning of the second academic year. No exception is made.  ​ 
-  - **Since EMSE is offered as part of a consortium of universities,​ it should be clearly stated which institution will award the diploma degree. ​ Would it be the University of Bozen-Bolzano?​** \\ This is in fact a novelty: both the universities in which a student will attend the course will give the degree. It is in fact a double degree. So a student receive two Master degree with the effort of one. :-) 
-  - **Workload: Has the EMSE a minimum workload of 1500 work hours per academic year, and a minimum of 60 ECTS?** \\ EMSE has  a standard Master study plan. Namely it is created on the base of an existing one. It has 60 ECTS per year and it lasts 2 years. ​ 
-  - **I have already completed my online application but unfortunately there is no link or button for submitting or finishing application. So Should I do anything else ?** \\  The application does not have a “submitting button”. Your information should have been automatically saved with the Logout. ​ 
-  - **How can I pre-enroll if I am not an European Citizen?** \\  The registration procedure for the pre-enrolment at Italian university degree programmes for non-European students is handled by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The pre-enrolment has to be done in your country at the Italian representative authority (usually the Italian embassy or consulate), which also translates and certifies your qualifications. On the pre-enrolment application,​ applicants must indicate one university degree only and the university which they intend to apply to. Detailed and up to date information can be found at the Ministry site for foreign students (English version coming soon), and at the Faculty site for foreign students'​ pre-enrolment;​ the University has prepared a general guide for foreign students'​ pre-enrolment (note that the general guide does not consider the specificity of this European Master). If you plan to pre-enrol in our Faculty, our suggestion is to prepare the necessary documents well in advance, as admission procedures can be very complicated and time-consuming. ​ 
-  -**How can I select the optional courses for my study plan?** \\ At the beginning of the year students will meet their EMSE mentor. ​ 
-  -**Are the grants for Non European citizens?** \\ The European Masters Program in Software Engineering offers scholarships for non European and European citizens. \\ **[[emse:​grant|Please see scholarship]]** \\ The Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs awards scholarships and study grants to non Italian citizens ("​foreign nationals"​),​ through the Italian representative authority in their country (usually the Italian embassy or consulate). The Italian representative authority will support the student to get information and to prepare the necessary documents for the scholarship. Non-EU citizens with residence in the province of Bozen-Bolzano for at least one year, can apply to the local ordinary scholarship as described above for European citizens. The scholarship is granted purely on the basis of the yearly income of the applicant and of her/his parents or husband/​wife,​ and it is up to 5,400€ per year. \\ EU and NON- EU students can get LLP grants for the year abroad. To have more information please contact our international relation office EU students if they have the residence in Bolzano for at least one year can get the local grant. Ask the International relation office for further information ​ 
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