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 {{ :​wiki:​emse_logo7.png?​100|}} {{ :​wiki:​emse_logo7.png?​100|}}
 <​html>​ <​html>​
-<​h1>​First call for Student Application ​  ​- ​  ​2015-2017 - Admitted Students</​h1>​+<​h1>​First ​& Second ​call Admitted Students</​h1>​
 <​br></​span></​b>​ </​html>​ <​br></​span></​b>​ </​html>​
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 **{{:​emse:​selection_result_web_emse_2015_17_april.pdf|List of Admitted students - First session}}** **{{:​emse:​selection_result_web_emse_2015_17_april.pdf|List of Admitted students - First session}}**
-**No applicant has been admitted from the Second Session**+**No applicant has been admitted from the Second Session. But don't give up! January session will come in a blink of an eye.**
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