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-<html><b> Libera Università di Bolzano-Freie Universitat Bozen </>+<html
 +<p><div><span style="color:dimgray;font-size:140%;"><b>Tuition Fee 2014-2016<br /></b></span></div></html> 
 +For each academic year the tuition fees for attending EMSE are: 
 +<ul type="square"> 
 +    <li> NON-EU students at UNIBZ and UNIKL => <U>4,270.00 Euro per year</U> 
 +    <li> NON-EU students at BTH           =><U>   427.00 Euro + 100,000.00 SEK (11,300.00 EURO) per year </U>     
 +    <li> EU students      => <u>2,720.00 Euro per year</U></ul></p> 
 +The tuition fee includes social / local taxes.  
 +Students will be provided access to the facilities of the participating universities (library, computers, laboratories, wi-fi, Internet, alumni associations, university sport associations). 
 +<span style="color:dimgray;font-size:100%;"><b>Payment modality <br /></b></span> 
 <p> <p>
-Accommodations. Accommodation in Student Houses is available on a fi rstcome, +<b>First year </b>
- first-served basis. The cost is 180.00 EUR (April 2009) per month for a shared room +
-(payable in 4 installments), and 240.00 EUR (April 2009) per month for a single room (payable +
-in 4 installments).+
 <p> <p>
-Canteens. The new Student Houses have a common kitchen. A complete meal - lunch or dinner - at +<br> 
-the University Canteen costs to students from 2.07 to 3.10 EUR (April 2009+In order to reserve the place, admitted candidates are asked to pay a first instalment of the tuition: fee:<br> 
-<p>Library and Computer Labs Library and computer laboratories are available for all the students + 
-and all the university buildings are equipped with WLAN.+  <ul type="square"> 
 +  <li> NON-EU Candidates: 427.00 Euro by  May 15th 2014 
 +  <li> EU Candidates: 272.00 Euro by May 15th 2014</ul> 
 +<span style="color:dimgray;font-size:100%;"><b>Bank Account<br /></b></span> 
 +<div>Free University of Bozen/Bolzano</div> 
 +<div>IBAN IT67P0604511619000000009000</div> 
 +<div>BIC (SWIFTCRBZIT2B107</div> 
 +<div>payment reason: full student's name / EMSE course <Year n / Year n+1>, < first, second or single> instalment</div> 
 +<p><div>No bank expenses can be charged to the EMSE consortium. Within the European Union, a SEPA bank transfer is available.</div> 
 +A payment receipt must be submitted as soon as possible to the EMSE  secretariat by e-mail attachment (emse-secretariat@unibz.it). No reimbursement will be made.</b></p>
 <p> <p>
-Special Needs The Advisory Service supports students with di erent abilities. They provide information +Students will pay directly to the first year university  at their arrival. </p> 
-about the opportunities that exist and how to access these and other bene ts, such as +<p> 
-various degrees of assistance that the university provides. +<b> Second year</b> 
-The FUB has no architectural barriers in any of its buildings (Bozen / Bolzano, Brixen / +<p> 
-Bressanone, Bruneck / Brunico). +The first instalment of the second year tuition fee will be paid  as follow  
-Disabled access is also guaranteed for most of the student residences and canteens. + 
-If students have a disability of more than 66%, they are eligible for complete exemption from +  <ul type="square"
-university fees (except for the provincial study tax): the disability certi cate, issued by the +  <li> NON-EU Candidates: 427.00 Euro by September 15th 2015 
-health authorities, should be presented at the beginning of the academic year. +  <liEU Candidates: 272.00 Euro by September 15th 2015 </ul> 
-<p>Further, in addition to the normal assistance (grants, etc), the University and School Office of +  
-the Autonomous Province of South Tyrol has other special assistance available. According to the +to the above bank account. A payment receipt must be submitted by September 20th 2015 to the EMSE secretariat by e-mail attachment (emse-secretariat@unibz.it). 
-type of disability, this assistance could consist of nancial aid for a home help, travel expenses +Students will pay directly to the second year university  at their arrival.  
-or other help with transport. + 
-<p>According to your income, there is also nancial help available for expenses incurred. Income +</p> 
-assessment is based on criteria that are xed every year by the provincial government. +<;p><div>No bank expenses can be charged to the EMSE consortiumWithin the European Uniona SEPA bank transfer is available.</div
-http://www.unibz.it/en/prospective/info/disabled/default.html +A payment receipt must be submitted as soon as possible to the EMSE  secretariat by e-mail attachment (emse-secretariat@unibz.it). No reimbursement will be made.</b&gt;&lt;/p>
-<p>Equal Opportunities FUB has an Equal Opportunities Committee which is a consultative committee +
-of the University and aims to promote and monitor e ective equality for all members of +
-the University community, irrespective of their sex, ethnicity, religion, nationality or any other +
-condition that could give rise to discrimination against them. +
-http://www.unibz.it/en/organisation/organisation/bodies/Chanchengleichheit.html +
-The responsibilities of the Equal Opportunities Committee are: +
- to formulate plans of positive actions in order to allow real equality for all members of the +
-University community, +
- detect all forms of discrimination, whether direct or indirect, that impede the full realization +
-of equality or equal opportunities for all members of the University community, +
- to make sure that situations possibly leading to discrimination will not arise. +
-<p>Families. Currently, the Equal Opportunities Committee is promoting the Family friendly university +
-initiative directed to enhance the quality of life of students and sta  with families. Practically, +
-some common spaces in the University have been organized in a children friendly way and +
-the organization of a kindergarten is under way. Students giving birth can suspend their studies +
-without paying the full taxes and there are additional grants from the Province of Bolzano-Bozen +
-for special cases evaluated on individual basis+
-<p>Language Learning The Language Centre of the FUB is part of the most important service sector +
-of the universityIts aim is to co-ordinate the learning of all the various languages used in the +
-university. This means, for instance, creating the best conditions for language learning. +
-The Language Centre courses are available for all students enrolled at the university, for those +
-taking part in international exchange programmes, as well as for those working for the university +
-and for guests. One of the services provided by the Language Centre is an advisory service for +
-all students to help them in the various aspects of language learning. The language centre also +
-tests language levels before students begin their university career and during their studies as +
-well. +
-The Language Centre is particularly important for those studying in their second and third +
-languages. A thorough knowledge of the three ocial teaching languages in the university: +
-Italian, German and English is absolutely essential for those who wish to participate completely +
-and succsessfully in the activities o ered by the university (lectures, seminars etc.) as well as +
-conferences or other academic events+
-The language centre also o ers optional language courses and self access materials for English, +
-German, and Italian, as well as for a whole range of other languages, such as French, Spanish, +
-Russian, Ladin, Chinese, Arabic+
-http://www.unibz.it/en/students/languagecentre/ +
-<p>Sports There are two di erent student associations: Kikero organizes social events, student parties, +
-trips and other activitiesS.C.U.B Sports Club University Bolzano organizes sports activities, +
-particularly alpine sports like free-climbing, trekking, skiing. +
-<p>Kikero: +
-http://www.unibz.it/en/students/life/associations/kikero.html +
-Sports Club University Bolzano (SCUB)+
-http://www.unibz.it/en/students/life/associations/scub.html +
-Students Networking Kikero organises the Rookie day (the welcome day for new rst-year students) +
-as well as parties and other events. The association publishes the &quot;Flyer&quotstudent magazine +
-and an annual book that charts the lives of the students and the university. The University +
-organises a Student Advisors service by coordinating a group of FUB students who provide information +
-and advice about the University. There are student representatives in all the main +
-governing bodies of the University who can answer questions and give advice and are open to +
-proposals and ideas for contributing to the improvement of educational and other university +
-services. More information and contact details are available at +
 </html> </html>