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-=====Introducing EMSE====== 
 +<html><span style="color:gray;font-size:150%;"><b>EMSE in short</b> </span></html> \\
-The European Master in Software Engineering (EMSE) is an 2-year  international master program, //completly taught in English//, in cooperation with the departments of computer science of tre European Universities (Consortium): 
-  * **[[emse:bth|Blekinge Institute of Technology (BTH), in KarlskronaSweden]]**  {{:wiki:flag_se_md.png?30|}} +The European Master in Software Engineering (EMSEis an 2-year  international master program//completely taught in English//in cooperation with the departments of computer science of three European Universities (Consortium):
-  * **[[emse:bthunikl|University of  Kaiserslautern (UIKL), in Kaiserslautern, Germany]]**   {{:wiki:flag_de_md.png?30|}}+
- +  * **[[emse:bth|Blekinge Institute of Technology (BTH), in Karlskrona, Sweden]]**  {{:wiki:flag_se_md.png?25|}} 
-<html> +  * **[[emse:unikl|University of  Kaiserslautern (UIKL), in Kaiserslautern, Germany]]**   {{:wiki:flag_de_md.png?25|}} 
-<ul type="square"> +  * **[[emse:fub|Free University of Bozen-Bolzano (FUB), in Bolzano, Italy]]**  {{:wiki:flag_it_md.png?25|}}
-  <li> <a href="BTH"><font color="#336699"><b></b></a></font> +
-  <li> <a href="UNIKL"><font color="#336699"><b>University of  Kaiserslautern (UIKL), in Kaiserslautern, Germany</b></a></font> +
-  <li> <a href="FUB"><font color="#336699"><b>Free University of Bozen-Bolzano (FUB), in Bolzano, Italy</b></a></font> +
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 Students are requested to attend a course of 2 ECTS in the local language in each university visited.\\  Students are requested to attend a course of 2 ECTS in the local language in each university visited.\\ 
 \\   \\  
-\\ + 
-\\   +**EMSE is out reaching world wide. The consortium has become a network of academic, research and industry partners. Visit the Future of EMSE page for more information [[emse:future|Future of EMSE]]**
-\\   +
-   +
-{{  :wiki:unilogo.png?800  |}}+