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-====Be our partner====+=====Be member of the EMSE Task Force=====
-**We look for new Assosiated Partners who share the same mission and values!!!**.+**We look for new Associated Partners who share the same mission and values!!!**
-Associate as non-academic partners you will:   participate to the “Task Force”+ As non-academic Associate Partners you will be able to: 
-  * take part to the development of the curriculum of EMSE, too;  +  Participate to the “Task Force” of EMSE; 
-  * be periodically invited to participate to EMSE lectures or summers schools;  +  * Be invited to participate to EMSE lectures or summers schools;  
-  * act as incubators for joint ventures EMSE-companies+  * Act as incubators for joint ventures EMSE-partners
-  * involved in evaluating the EMSE curriculum and its learning outcome  +  * Evaluate the EMSE curriculum and its learning outcome  
-  * host students for internship+  * Host students for internship 
 +  * Support EMSE with scholarships
-If you are interested in joining the EMSE Project read all the details, fill the two form available at the link below, and send it to \\ +The Task Force is coordinated by a representative of all the partners. Names representative of the partners are selected by their experience with EMSE and with industrial environment the major activities of the Task Force are\\  
-**[[emse-secretariat@unibz.it | Emse secretariat]]** or **[[emse:contact|contact us]]**+ 1) fund rising\\ 
 + 2) EMSE marketing\\  
 + 3) curriculum synchronisation with SE industry, ICT market, and research demand and offer.\\ 
 +The Task Force meets once a year and  work in strict collaboration with the EMSE Joint Board and commits to explore new opportunities for the development of EMSE. The Joint Board and the Task Force collaborate for sustaining and developing the EMSE curriculum. In particular, the Task Force advises the Joint Board trends and directions for the employability of the EMSE students whereas the Joint Board reports to the Task Force of actual learning outcome and statistics on EMSE students. In addition, the Task Force is responsible of the evaluation of the curriculum quality and the students learning outcome in terms of the employability of the students in industry, university, or in suitable areas of the socio-economic market
 +Check <a href="http://www.inf.unibz.it/emse-dokuwiki/emse/industrial"> <b>here </b></a> the current industrial members of the Task Force
 +If you are interested in joining the EMSE Project read all the details, fill the two forms available at the link below, and send them to \\
 +[[emse-secretariat@unibz.it | Emse secretariat]] or [[emse:contact|contact us]]\\ 
-**{{:wiki:identification_associated_partner.doc|New associated Partner identification}}** 
-====We are very glad to have you on board as associate partner====+====Be an associate partner!!!==== 
 +**{{:wiki:identification_associated_partner.doc|New associated Partner identification}}**\\  
 +**{{:wiki:loitemplate.doc|Letter of intent}}**