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-<span style="color:#FE642E;font-size:100%;"><b>To be eligible to apply for EMSE students must satisfy both the following conditions:</b> </span> </html>+<span style="color:#FE642E;font-size:100%;"><b>In order to be considered for the selection all students must fulfill the following admission requirements:</b> </span> </html> 
 +  * Respect the application deadline 
 +  * Provide proof of proficiency in English language. TOEFL (>=550 (paper based), >=213 (computer-based), or >=78 (internet-based)), IELTS (>=6.0) or equivalent certificates.  
 +         *For more information regarding “Equivalent certificates”, applicants may refer the {{:emse:english_certificate_conversion.pdf|following conversion table}} contributed by [[http://www.unibz.it/en/students/languagecentre/Default.html|Language Centre]] of UNIBZ 
 +  * Applicants from a country that belongs to the Commonwealth of Nations or where English has the recognized status of “Official language” are not required to submit English language certificate. 
 +         *However, the consortium can request a further personal interview to assess the student's English level. 
 +  * Have been awarded a BSc in Software Engineering, Computer Science or Computer Engineering or degrees with equivalent skills in the three areas (Software Engineering, Computer Science or Computer Engineering) 
 +  * Provide a certificate of the subjects taken during their degrees, along with the marks obtained and the number of hours/credits devoted to each subject (Transcript of records).
-  * Have been awarded a Bachelor degree (a minimum of three years' study at a university and corresponding to the equivalent of 180 ECTS) in Software Engineering, Computer Science or Computer engineering. 
-  * Provide proof of proficiency in English language  proved by TOEFL with at least 550 (paper based), 213(computer based), 81 (internet-based), IELTS at grade minimum 6.0 or equivalent certificate.An English proficiency certificate is not required in case of native speakers who come from countries where English is an official language.  
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